Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Want super powers for work? Read this!

Super Hero mode!

Today was the start of my workday. I got busy and got involved in my work. I was focus and sharp and tried to accomplish as much as possible. I got into the super hero mode.

Wait! what? super hero mode? really? 

Yes, you know how? I accomplished my task. But anyone can complete a task you might be saying. Sure, you can. But what about a task that takes hours or an additional day?

Two key things I've learn't in order to get into super hero mode. Sleep is a must in order to start your day and having a well balanced diet. I know guys everything is easier said then done. Life is never going to be easy. Never has it been easy for anyone.  Please don't expect it to be otherwise you're only lying to yourself. 

Think of a time where you accomplished or finished a task and remember how pleasing it felt. The reward became that accomplished feeling. 

This is the exact same thing with super hero mode. 

The reason why I call it this is because you're on a roll and you don't stop even when the day is over. Keep going till the task at hand is done. But this isn't a task you slack or slouch on, this is something you put your best effort into. Put in the time and love into your craft. 

I feel nowadays there's no love with what people do. Oh this is just a job to get by... Wait you gotta be kidding me. This just goes to show how much you care about progress. None! whatsoever. Maybe I'm being too harsh but hey no better person to hear it from than the one typing this message to you. Cause I care, this bad habit needs to go. You're only creating a this nasty habit inside of you. As I like to say more hate is served now days. But who wants hate when you'd look for something that was made with love and tender care. I know I wouldn't want to be served by someone rude and obnoxious and guess what no way are you getting a promotion or moving on up with an attitude like that. You're better than that. People say I've tried being nice but it never got me anywhere. That doesn't mean you stop. Forget what others around you are saying or behaving, don't feed off others negative energy. Surround your self with good people, don't have good people around you find some powerful quotes. Keep those quotes in your pocket and pull them out and read them to yourself. Feel the words from these powerful quotes. Each quote has power in it and feel that positive energy going inside of you as you read it. Make the change happen for yourself. Most of all love your self and be gentle with yourself.

Put some heart and soul. Show the people at your job you care about what you do, but most of all show your self that you can compete with your self and do better than your self yesterday. Super hero mode is all about putting in the extra time and effort in. Bring back the love in finishing your task the right way.

Think about it for a second. Super hero's take the time and energy out of their daily routines to master their craft. They can't say they give up until they're done. The villain doesn't give the hero a break. I'm not saying shrink a task that takes months to do and finish it in a week or less. No! 

What I'm saying is to start the task when you have time and don't wait till the last minute. Think of your self as being the hero and the villain. Your mind is a constant battle ground. One minute you're like no the task at hand can wait, I got a week to finish it. That's the villain talking and holding you back. This is where the super hero mode needs to kick in!

Today I had a task at hand. I could have waited and completed half the task but due to the importance of the task, I punched the villain straight in his jaw leaving him unconscious for hours. Allowing me the super hero to get the task at hand done. Making the city safe again. I spent a total of 11 hours and felt good. Knowing that in the back of my head I can get a good night sleep without the need to rush back to work and finish the report. Best of all I felt the sense of accomplishment. 

I can finally come to work tomorrow with peace in mind. Therefore the mind is safe another day from the evil merciless villain. There might be days where the villain might win. But the hero never gives up, therefore he's always willing to fight. This is key to life and success. Never give up. Keep the Super hero mode alive within you and strong. 

I hope today's words of wisdom assists you with the days to come. Feel free to share your own thoughts and helpful tips for getting through the day. Lets guide one another in this world and share our valuable knowledge.

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