Monday, February 27, 2017

Emotional pain how it makes us feel numb from the inside out

Emotional pain how it makes us feel numb from the inside out

Today I fought a loved one. One of my own blood. I was hurt by the loved ones comparisons of me my sibling and others. The individual would compare myself, my sibling and others as to how we don't deserve what we make in life. The pure greed that came out of the individuals mouth was heart pounding and pure disgusting.

I couldn't stop but listen as the loved one went on to mom about how hard one had worked to make it in life. Supposedly all the sacrifices one had made. But you see this is where they were wrong just because others don't talk or bring up their struggles doesn't mean they haven't fought their own battles. Some of us take it all in to keep the peace and positivity. This way there's hope for others around them. I understand we all must talk and vent but enough was enough.

After a couple of poundings I heard down stairs. I came running down as I had enough of it. I decided to confront the loved one and tell them that they better have not broken anything as a sign to respect the house we both share.

The issue escalated quickly from the loved one. Stating to me to shut up and get out before I would get my bones broken etc. These threats were made but I know they were all said out of deep anger and hatred. This wasn't them, therefore the way I acted I tried to be cool but I did say in a loud voice to stop it! cause this isn't the only individual that owns the house. As I'm the owner as well so please have respect. Therefore I told the individual to stop! The loved one/individual went on to say how I was crap and stupid. Stating things like my dad got me the job etc. This has absolutely had nothing to do with him making money even if my dad got me the job or not. The rest of the way I had to choose my own path and that's where I grew. I have choices and till this day I make bad choices at times. But I'm always willing to learn from my mistakes. This is key in life always learn from your mistakes by analyzing your self and what you did wrong or could have done differently.

Once the loved one/individual started getting on me by talking trash and saying how they were going to beat me. I came closer and stated I would never ever raise my hands at you and yet here you are raged and ready to strike. I said love yourself before you strike as I'm telling you this for your own good. I instantly saw a change in his eyes emotions. Those words I realized cracked him inside stopping the rage instantly. Guilt and nothing but guilt appeared. Because instead of violence I came with love. Cause this is what was needed for them. Nothing but love.

There was so much heated rage and no love and appreciation for what they had. No love for life and what they already had around them. This is what made the loved one rich and the individual/loved one was yet so blind to see. Even though the loved one has family, love, care, kindness, and laughter. While the individual was raged like a wild beast always locking himself in his room thinking of negative thoughts. Not surrounding them with positive attitude or having gratitude.

After this all this I absorbed some of their negativity during the conflict. The emotional pain and hurt I felt which I hope I cured from their body and mind. I felt numb emotionally and physically. The negative energy was so strong the waves managed to get to me. I myself was getting raged and angered. But I took sometime to cool down and relax. I still feel the pain as if it was literally poking at my heart. I know it will pass cause I love myself and all others around me. Including the one who has passed the pain to me.

I want nothing but happiness and gratitude for all. The world has become a materialistic and full of self greed. After this I ask you all to stay united and show love. Cause love is stronger than hate. Love will strike the hearts of those who are filled with anger, as they are vulnerable enough to feel loved. Let love be the surprise to others for it will follow.

I hope today's words of wisdom assists you with the days to come. Feel free to share your own thoughts and helpful tips for getting through the day. Lets guide one another in this world and share our valuable knowledge.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stop the bad habits cycle!

Stop the bad habits cycle!

I know you've felt the feeling where your life is stuck in a dead end cycle. The constant cycle of repeating life by being in the position you regret in life. But the problem is you keep thinking it and regretting, but nothing is done to break out of it.

Been there done that. The only way to break out of this cycle is by growing yourself. Take sometime and analyze your self. Write down what you don't like about your life and why are you where you are.

Now write down what changes that need to be made to get where you want.

Time to make the move. Everything you've written can only be achieved by taking those positive changes and turning them into action. Plain and simple. There's no other way of breaking the cycle but by doing.

Prepare your mind and get excited about how these positive changes are going to make your life better. Imagine and feel the positivity from those changes. Now hold on to that feeling and make sure to always come to that state of mind on a day to day basis. This will help with making that initial move if you are still struggling with making the move.

Only you can help your self, if you truly love your self. You make these positive changes for you.

I hope today's words of wisdom assists you with the days to come. Feel free to share your own thoughts and helpful tips for getting through the day. Lets guide one another in this world and share our valuable knowledge.

Control your mind and your power will be limitless!

Control your mind and your power is limitless!

You know there are those who make moves and there are those who sit and talk. We are all powerful beings no matter the place we come from whether it's from a specific location, skin color, background, etc. We all are posses limitless power. Enough of the bullshit lets do this. Get a grip on your self and your life. Make sure to take advantage by changing and adapting. Cause life is a constant struggle. I feel the pain and I hear excuses. It's time to get a grip and make it happen. Talk is cheap, therefore the only way out of the struggle is by doing. The only way of getting a grip on your self is by controlling mind. That means controlling your emotions and gaining power by having control over ones mind. This allows you to keep a calm head and see the bigger picture and allows you to have a clearer vision. Having power over mind is key to life's success. This allows you to be swift and sharp like the sharpest blade. 

Take a moment to write or print these key items to make your self stronger.

  • Don't let your inner thoughts ever put you down. Don't over think things. 

  • Don't let others put you down. Since most people who say negative things are the ones that aren't doing anything with their lives. RAISE YOURSELF to a HIGHER LEVEL by THINKING POSITIVELY!

  • Don't let negativity around you make your day worse. Rise above it all and move on with nothing but positivity as your mind set. Think clearly and gracefully on a daily basis to train your brain that you will obtain the goals and things you want in life. Make life yours!

  • Don't have goals or know what to do? Make them, first make your goals as a structure or a path. This structure or path will be your priorities to get you growing. You must nourish your self like a seed. Once planted you must care for it by growing it. Consistency is needed. Therefore you must stay on top of things to keep and make those dreams become a reality.

  • Don't know what goals? Analyze what you want to do. Either you create a path by doing things you know you want to do. Take actions to make those things come true. Don't know what to do? Take the time to research jobs that are in demand that peak your interest. What's the current trends where people are needed for this particular job. Study and research what is needed to obtain this job. Then pursue them and wallah! You have your goals structure and priorities. Now it's time to grow! Note. Use the internet to your advantage by searching on these things.

Next the things you want. After goals are completed( goals will never be complete you'll always be jumping to the next big thing) things can be created on your list from a car to having a family at the age of. These are your rewards. This can be a house, money, travel whatever it is you want. Note. This doesn't have to be a materialistic item. Now remember to picture your self having these items. Believe by using your imagination that you have these things. If you want harmony and peace then imagine it. You will obtain these things keep them alive in your mind so you attract them.

I do want you to remember something. Nothing happens easily at the end of the day. You will have to achieve your goals first. Work hard at your goals like you're going to the gym to exercise your muscles. Your goals are your muscles. Make sure they grow bigger and stronger. This way you can overcome anything and therefore growth is no longer an issue. You can create a habit this way my friends. This will make learning easy to do therefore you have control over your mind. One thing to always remember is that successful people are constantly learning. Whether it's learning in a classroom or reading a book. Doesn't matter what it is. All i say is to always be hungry to read and learn, there's no telling what you have to offer our world once you have limitless power. These tools I give you if mastered are powerful tools. Write them down and build structure to your world. Create your universe and you will be magnificent and you shall see yourself shine. This I promise as long as you put in the hard work. Don't wait just do. Now go out there and grow. Make the world know you exist. You will prove people wrong. Now I tell you do it! Become the man or woman you truly know and believe you are. Make that universe you want come true and exist. Now go make the world a better place. Greatness is what you are. Greatness awaits within you from the inside. Now it's time to bring that greatness out of you.

I hope today's words of wisdom assists you with the days to come. Feel free to share your own thoughts and helpful tips for getting through the day. Lets guide one another in this world and share our valuable knowledge.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Stop being careless since having more and spending more isn't happiness.

Stop being careless since having more and spending more isn't happiness. 

Why being rich isn't a road to happiness. I'll give you an example. I started making more money but when I did, the thing I noticed was I ended up spending even more money unnecessarily. While I was happy at first, once I started blowing my money carelessly the less I had in the bank. Therefore I became unhappy. As they say "more money more problems". 

I'm not saying don't make more money or strive to reach the top. I'm saying don't buy stuff and have buyer's remorse. This way you don't regret anything you bought just cause you felt like the need to have it for the time being. That particular item might give you temporary happiness at first, but that temporary happiness will run away few hours later or days later making you feel no longer happy nor creating any sense of value for the item as you first did. Same thing goes for drinking it will take the pain away temporarily, but will not clear your issues. Until and unless you face your problems and deal with them that is the only way you can take care of the problem. Running away is not a solution.

I think majority of the time when people are bored and have nothing better to do, people have a tendency to make bad choices and buy items to make themselves feel fulfilled. This is a mechanism that gives us something to do and an instant reward. I've seen this happen with friends and myself. When situations like this occur ask yourself. Do I really need this? You'll be surprised to find out that the answer will most of the time be no. Therefore you might tell yourself a lie and convince your self that you really do need this item, cause it will make you better in some shape or form, even though it's really not needed.

I asked myself, why is it that I or others buy compulsively at times? After analyzing more into this. The item it self is what gets us absorbed into it. This can be convincing by ads or trends that are must haves. Ads that are convincing enough to tell you why you must have this item. Also things you see everyone jumping on. These bandwagons cause consumer trends because you see friends, colleagues or family members with it and bragging about it. Remember trends are constantly changing.

My mom told me something at the grocery store today. She said you spend your money carelessly. She was correct, I honestly didn't stop to look at the price or think of the products I bought. I just picked what I like cause I knew I had enough cash to spend. The items I bought were sausages, cream cheese danish, and frozen pizza. The reason why I picked up these items also was because I was craving for them. I had absolutely no self control.  Pay attention to what you're buying and are these items I truly need. I didn't need to buy the junk I bought. But I was caught up in the moment and didn't stop to think twice of what I was doing. My mom had to make me pause and think and realize what I had done wrong after I had purchased the items.


Ah! My friend has the latest phone. The new phone has a new camera, etc.  These features don't necessarily benefit you. The question you should ask is do I really need the new phone?

TV advertisment. Want power and the strength to run in comfort buy this shoe. You will feel comfort at the gym yet feel confidence in how you use our shoe. Ask yourself why do I need those shoes? 


The question you should ask is do I really need the new phone?

Ask your self the simple questions. Does my phone not work? Why do I need this phone? What am I gaining besides it being new. Lots of times people buy items aimlessly without even realizing that the changes are small. The old phone or device aren't that different from the new one. Stop to think before you purchase and blow your hard earned money on another $500 dollar device.

Ask yourself why do I need those shoes?

Why do I need those shoes in particular? Do I have gym shoes already? Benefits? Ads can be powerful and convincing to make you want to run out and buy that item. That doesn't mean you should since you must be strong enough to confront your self that the product at hand is trying to capture your attention immediately to sell to you. Therefore again in this situation you must be mindful and strong enough to resist your urges by thinking things through. Understanding and knowing that you are a consumer breaks the mysticism of the ad. Therefore you realize the item at hand is trying to be sold to you. No matter what the cost is. A smart consumer is a strong one. Therefore knowing when to say no this is just a shoe I already have other gym shoes. Why should I buy this and gain temporary happiness from it.


Don't be a slave to items. You are the master of your life, therefore take control of yourself and be the master of the choices you make. You shouldn't buy an item that is so expensive and not have the necessary funds to afford it. Therefore you are bound to the item and therefore you are bound to living just for that item. Don't let items make you their slave. This might be a crazy sounding analogy but I think it's quite true.

The thing is having more and spending more isn't going to gain you happiness. But you will end up hurting your self if you're not careful. Anyone can live a rich life by not having much, but by having what you need and having plenty of funds in the bank, this way you live a comfortable and rich life. Not only that but to remember and indulge into the life and people all around you and experiencing it first hand. I'm not saying don't spend again. I'm saying we have an abundance of wealth already around us. Meaning most of us already have everything we need around us. If we just add more we won't gain anymore from it, than what we already have in our possession. I think experiences can be more rewarding than items itself and yes, I'd be lying if I didn't state that certain items can give us experiences as well. Cherish what you have and treat those items with respect. After all you probably initially as well bought that first phone thinking it was the greatest purchase ever. Therefore you must value all items in your possession. They will last depending on how much care you give to that you already have. Don't blow your money aimlessly, as that money you worked hard for and spent every hour at your job obtaining, be mindful about your spending and don't be a slave to the item if you don't have sufficient funds needed. Know your limits and therefore money doesn't always bring happiness, though it can bring comfort.

Be mindful.

I hope today's words of wisdom assists you with the days to come. Feel free to share your own thoughts and helpful tips for getting through the day. Lets guide one another in this world and share our valuable knowledge.

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Emotional pain how it makes us feel numb from the inside out Today I fought a loved one. One of my own blood. I was hurt by the loved ones...

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