Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Control your mind and your power will be limitless!

Control your mind and your power is limitless!

You know there are those who make moves and there are those who sit and talk. We are all powerful beings no matter the place we come from whether it's from a specific location, skin color, background, etc. We all are posses limitless power. Enough of the bullshit lets do this. Get a grip on your self and your life. Make sure to take advantage by changing and adapting. Cause life is a constant struggle. I feel the pain and I hear excuses. It's time to get a grip and make it happen. Talk is cheap, therefore the only way out of the struggle is by doing. The only way of getting a grip on your self is by controlling mind. That means controlling your emotions and gaining power by having control over ones mind. This allows you to keep a calm head and see the bigger picture and allows you to have a clearer vision. Having power over mind is key to life's success. This allows you to be swift and sharp like the sharpest blade. 

Take a moment to write or print these key items to make your self stronger.

  • Don't let your inner thoughts ever put you down. Don't over think things. 

  • Don't let others put you down. Since most people who say negative things are the ones that aren't doing anything with their lives. RAISE YOURSELF to a HIGHER LEVEL by THINKING POSITIVELY!

  • Don't let negativity around you make your day worse. Rise above it all and move on with nothing but positivity as your mind set. Think clearly and gracefully on a daily basis to train your brain that you will obtain the goals and things you want in life. Make life yours!

  • Don't have goals or know what to do? Make them, first make your goals as a structure or a path. This structure or path will be your priorities to get you growing. You must nourish your self like a seed. Once planted you must care for it by growing it. Consistency is needed. Therefore you must stay on top of things to keep and make those dreams become a reality.

  • Don't know what goals? Analyze what you want to do. Either you create a path by doing things you know you want to do. Take actions to make those things come true. Don't know what to do? Take the time to research jobs that are in demand that peak your interest. What's the current trends where people are needed for this particular job. Study and research what is needed to obtain this job. Then pursue them and wallah! You have your goals structure and priorities. Now it's time to grow! Note. Use the internet to your advantage by searching on these things.

Next the things you want. After goals are completed( goals will never be complete you'll always be jumping to the next big thing) things can be created on your list from a car to having a family at the age of. These are your rewards. This can be a house, money, travel whatever it is you want. Note. This doesn't have to be a materialistic item. Now remember to picture your self having these items. Believe by using your imagination that you have these things. If you want harmony and peace then imagine it. You will obtain these things keep them alive in your mind so you attract them.

I do want you to remember something. Nothing happens easily at the end of the day. You will have to achieve your goals first. Work hard at your goals like you're going to the gym to exercise your muscles. Your goals are your muscles. Make sure they grow bigger and stronger. This way you can overcome anything and therefore growth is no longer an issue. You can create a habit this way my friends. This will make learning easy to do therefore you have control over your mind. One thing to always remember is that successful people are constantly learning. Whether it's learning in a classroom or reading a book. Doesn't matter what it is. All i say is to always be hungry to read and learn, there's no telling what you have to offer our world once you have limitless power. These tools I give you if mastered are powerful tools. Write them down and build structure to your world. Create your universe and you will be magnificent and you shall see yourself shine. This I promise as long as you put in the hard work. Don't wait just do. Now go out there and grow. Make the world know you exist. You will prove people wrong. Now I tell you do it! Become the man or woman you truly know and believe you are. Make that universe you want come true and exist. Now go make the world a better place. Greatness is what you are. Greatness awaits within you from the inside. Now it's time to bring that greatness out of you.

I hope today's words of wisdom assists you with the days to come. Feel free to share your own thoughts and helpful tips for getting through the day. Lets guide one another in this world and share our valuable knowledge.

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