Monday, December 26, 2016

Visualize the best day!

Guided Reflection

This is where I'd like to reflect. The knowledge that I've gained and still attaining in the process of my life. I'd love to share with you all these words, as I hope this knowledge gains you wisdom.

Life can be very strange. One minute you're happy next minute you're sad. These emotions of ours plays a vital role of our well being on a daily basis. When you wake up depending on your mindset, this can truly impact your day. If you start to gather good thoughts and a good outlook ahead of time it can have a promising outlook for the next day. You must believe in what you visualize. I will share with you the keys on how to reflect upon your self by making your day better.

This might be quite common but before you start, think about what you are grateful for. This way you show appreciation to your surroundings and everyone around you. Look at it this way.

First clear your mind. Think of a blank sheet of paper or a white space.
  • Now Think of all the things you have. The roof on your head, a bed with clean sheets, family, friends and support...etc.
  • Third tell yourself that today is a great day or the next day is going to be a great day! Think about the day, as to how great it will be while your eyes are closed. Visualizing this as your eyes are closed is key and so is believing, as this will prep your mind set for the start of the new day or the next day. 
  • Make sure to also smile when you're doing this, as smiling and visualizing while I close my eyes assists greatly. I tend to feel a sensation with smiling as it triggers happier visualization. I know this might sound weird. Try it and see, as this will be an aide. 
I hope today's words of wisdom assists you with the days to come. Feel free to share your own thoughts and helpful tips for getting through the day. Lets guide one another in this world and share our valuable knowledge.

This should be a daily routine in preparation of your mind for a new day to begin. Follow these steps as soon as you wake up and before you goto bed. 

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